Osprey nest in San Francisco

I came across a report in the San Francisco Chronicle on July 6th that for the first time osprey were nesting here in San Francisco on top of a 150 foot tall crane at Pier 80. I went out the next day to look for them and found the nest site, but did not see the birds.  Today, I went back out and had better luck. Here is a sample of the photos from today. Click on the photos to enlarge to full size.


Osprey nesting north of Pier 94

Osprey nesting north of Pier 94Osprey nesting north of Pier 94

Osprey populations declined drastically in the 1950’s and 1960’s from hunting and from DDT and other pesticides, but thanks to the banning of that chemical and reduced persecution, the population has made a dramatic comeback. The nesting of osprey at Pier 80 is a significant indicator that the Golden Gate Audubon Society’s efforts at cleaning up the wetlands to provide a liveable environment for wildlife is paying off. You can see the entire series of photos, including watching the osprey fly backwards over the crane by going to raptor-gallery website and the diary page 12-7-28

Thanks for looking.

5 thoughts on “Osprey nest in San Francisco

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  2. Hi, Glenn … I was hoping you’d stop by and grab a few of your beautiful shots. I wish I was there to see this. How wonderful. Hey — beautiful look at the blog. Did I miss a design transition?😉

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